My Four Favourite Natural Hairstyles

Hi Naturalistas, I love present short term protective styles. Styles that keep my hands out of hair and help me grow my hair further. May I also say that these styles are also convenient. Side Note: Umm I usually keep a style longer than I should. This is not right at all… But let me... Continue Reading →

How to Survive and Bad Hair Day & Look Cute: Different Ways with Head wraps

Hi Naturalistas, It's a thursday and you know what that means! Anothe blog post! Yaaaaaay! There are those days when you just don’t want to deal with you hair. I have days like that when it’s really touch. Sometimes I have let my hair get tangled and didn’t have time to deal with it, or... Continue Reading →

Naturalista Lingo

Hi Naturalistas, Sorry it's late. I will try be more consistent and timely. Thank you for your patience. Many times veteran Naturals will speak in what seems like jargon to new naturals. So I have decided to take some Naturalista terms and simplify them for you all. Thank you for reading.   Big Chop –... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Fro Girls BW

Fro Kids Combo: Leave in Conditioner & Shea Butter Normal/Usual Price: P230 Special Price: P200 Fro Girls BW recently gave us an amazing offering. A new range just for little ones! How amazing is that? The concept itself just makes me giddy. A Botswana Natural Hair Product, chemical free and absolutely natural for our little... Continue Reading →

Of Failings & Lack of Self Care

Have you ever looked at yourself and not seen yourself? It was like somehow over a period of time you lost yourself, lost the person you once where. And you don't know how this happened... When this happened, but one thing is sure it was not overnight. It was over a period of time, you... Continue Reading →

Why I have been Away.

It has been a long time since I have penned anything in this blog of mine. But I am back now, back trying to function, back to create and back to inspire change. I had a baby girl on 10.05.2019 and it has taken a toll on me. Looking back I really thought I could... Continue Reading →

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